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Hello there! I made up this BMW Webring since no one made one. This Webring is for a BMW Homepages to be united as one so anyone looks up for any BMW homepages, here's the place to look for.

10/18/99 From this day and on, no more commercial pages will be allowed to be in the webring. Only personal, gallery, links, etc.. pages are allowed, no commercial pages.

In order to be in the Webring, you must have the correct HTML coding on your homepage, to be in the Webring!!!

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That's what's going to look like, except your information will replace the YOUR- EMAIL/NAME/ID -HERE provided an e-mail sent to you after submitting your site.

There are many ways to put the Tablet in your homepage. One way is go and see the table.txt, either print it out, or copy and paste it in your homepage. Or get this table.html directly and paste it in your current homepage file.

The other was is to let me have your password to your internet provider (log on) and let me change your HTML for, I know some of you guys/gals work and don't have time to do this. I have done this 3 times for 3 members, they trusted me and I edited for them.

I live in Miami FL!!!! I'm not going to use your internet access to save my self 20$ a month for net access. Just in long distance phone calls will kill me.

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